How To: Pack a lunch for a dollar a day

Pack a lunch for a dollar a day

Looking to cut your monthly expenses down? Brown-bagging is one of the easiest ways to save money, especially if you stock several key items. In this video, ways to pack a lunch for a dollar a day are gone over.

You Will Need:
• Slow-cooking oats
• Whole wheat bread
• Eggs
• Seasonal fruits
• Leftovers
• Homemade soup
• Lentils
• Whole carrots
• Sweet potatoes
• Canned salmon
• Pasta
• Mashed potatoes

Step 1: Have breakfast for lunch
Have a bowl of homemade oatmeal, a slice of whole wheat bread, and a piece of fruit. Or bring a couple of hard-boiled or deviled eggs. Who says lunch can't be breakfast food?

Step 2: Bring leftovers
Dedicate one lunch per week to leftovers by making a little extra of a favorite dinner dish – one that transports easily and tastes just as good or even better reheated.

Step 3: Have homemade soup on hand
Collect vegetable odds and ends until you have enough to make a vegetable soup. Freeze it in individual portions that you can take to work, along with bread.

Step 4: Go vegetarian
Make a stew out of lentils, carrots, and sweet potatoes, three budget-friendly foods that are also really good for you.

Step 5: Have salmon cakes
Mix canned salmon with an egg and whole oats to make fish cakes. Or use leftover mashed potatoes instead of oats. One can makes about four fried patties – more if you use more filler. Take one to work and freeze the rest for later lunches.

Step 6: Have a pasta day
njoy a homemade pasta lunch once a week; it's cheap, versatile, and can be mixed with whatever you have on hand – cheese, veggies, leftover chicken, a small can of tuna – even peanut butter for a cold noodle dish.

Trivia: The average American spends $5.60 a day on lunch.

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