How To: Write a check

Write a check

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to write a check.

1. Date the check, and ensure it is dated for the day you intend the recipient to cash it.
2. Write the name of the person/company you are writing the check to on the line denoted "pay to the order of"
3. In the white box to the right, write the numerical value of your check (ie 90.00)
4. In the 2nd line under the recipient name, write the value of the check in words (Ninety). Draw a line to the end of the writing space to ensure no one can tamper with your cheque (ie writing "ninety thousand" instead of just "ninety")
5. Sign the check
6. Optional: write a memo to denote what the money is to be used for
7. Record this information in your check book to keep records of your financial transactions.

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