How To: Write checks (for dummies)

Write checks (for dummies)

This video shows you how to write checks, in case you're really dumb. Two girls set up a fake store in which they demonstrate how to write a check. The girl playing the cashier explains the following steps to the other girl playing the customer.

1.First fill in the date (example: 1/18/09)
2.Then fill in the "Pay to" line with the name of the store receiving payment. (example : Addie's Food Store)
3.Then fill in the "Written amount" line with the amount written out. Make sure not to forget the "and" after the dollar amount, and then the change, and a line after so no one can change the amount. (example: Five and 00/100 ~~~~~)
4.Then write the same amount in number form to the right in the little box.
5.Under the "For" spot write what you are buying. (example: Food)
6.Last but not least sign your name at the bottom and your done.""

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